CONTROL Documents

  • upload any file type and tie it to a client profile
  • automatically save reports & illustrations
  • accessible anywhere an internet connection is available

CONTROL Contracts

  • commission tracking
  • production processing
  • sales improvement


  • analyze assets & incomes
  • track liabilities & beneficiaries
  • maximize insurance policies

CONTROL Schedules

  • calendar reminders
  • appointment control
  • scheduling

CONTROL Calculators

  • concept driven
  • analyze client data
  • detailed reports & graphical illustrations

Privatized Versions Available

a great recruiting incentive

Do you need a great recruiting incentive for your organization? CONTROL can be privatized for your organization. With your logo, your colors, it will be a website with the ability to have full administrative control. You have the ability to turn it off and on for your agents making CONTROL a great golden handcuff. All of our analysis and reporting tools are complete with easy to understand information, colorful and insightful graphs, and excellent comparison tools to help your agent’s client understand the concepts they are showing them.